Where this project comes from

This project was first conceived early 2019, while exchanging with companies, public ministries, local government and NGO´s in Peru to try to set up an Energy from Waste project in the country, using as feed material plastic waste.

Faced with issues of mainly affordability, which are common to any waste to energy project we worked around 2 lines: First try to generate additional marketing value for a potential industrial energy buyer by creating a certificate that would be used to certify the use of an energy that decontaminated or protected the seas. And second we tried to simplify the model to the essential component, the essential component being the Ocean protection and not the energy production.

Combining these efforts we came to this model, called Zero Plastic Ocean Initiative, centered on the essential, and only the essential which for the short term we believe is stopping OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC from entering the Oceans.

our vision

This initiative is free for anyone to use, we do not want to be the owner of it, nor want to the bottleneck of the needed development of this project. Therefore we propose a framework and give tools for companies of the plastic value chain and organization performing collection to work directly with no intermediation from our NGO.

We also think that this initiative is only complementary to many other, we do not believe that this solution prevails over others and we hope it can be used as a piece in the puzzle. In particular since this initiative only focuses on stopping OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC, we believe that other projects are necessary to make plastic more recyclable, totally biodegradable in natural conditions, reduce it´s usage and improve citizens behavior regarding consumption of plastic and waste plastic management.

But since some of our member come from the waste management industry we know for sure that the starting point of waste management is always collection, whatever the waste.First goes collection (or cleaning for abandoned waste) and then goes valorization and recycling because it is only when a good collection has created the necessary fluxes on sufficient quantities that downstream project can be feasible.

That is why we believe this Initiative or any other tackling OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC collection will be of great help to protect our Oceans and start generating plastic waste flux. Therefore in the logical order of things we should start first with such collection of cleaning projects, to close the tap, while we all build and develop all the rest of the needed solutions to this Plastic crisis.

TEam MeMbers

We are a diverse team of individual united by a common goal to see again Clean Oceans,  free from Plastic Litter!

Maëva Tesan

Team Position
Maëva holds a Master degree in marketing and communications. She is based in Paris and is in charge of communications for the intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO regarding the "UN decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) program. She was previously head of communications and social responsibility of SUEZ Central America and Caribbean.

Vincent Decap

Team Position
Vincent holds a Chemical Engineering Master Degree and an MBA, he is based in Panama and is in charge of water management and solid waste management business development for SUEZ Central America and Caribbean. Vincent is also involved with the Swiss NGO Race for Water to develop Plastic Waste to Energy projects.

Benjamin Ortais

Team Position
Benjamin has a bachelor degree in corporate strategy and geopolitics. Benjamin is based in Panama and he develops activities in the field of environment and is recognized as a environmental influencer and lobbyist.

Alida Spadafora

Team Position
Alida is a marine biologist with a Master degree in Marine management. Alida is based in Panama and she has a vast experience of the local and regional context of waste management having lead the main environmental NGO of the country (ANCON) for 5 years and having headed the Zero Waste municipal waste management program of Panama city (Basura Cero) for the last 5 years.

Adriana Amico

Team Position
Adriana has a bachelor degree in ecology and a Master in environmental issues in Latin America. She is based in Peru and has 10 years of experience in the field of Environmental certification with the international audit firm Control Union.