When you have a problem fix that problem, not another one

If your toilette are leaking like this poor fellow, we bet you will immediately close the tap and fix the leak.

With plastic litter we also have leak, in our Oceans, so we should fix the leak.

Does inventing a new fluid fixes the leak? Probably not, say you put oil in your toilets, you then would have an oil leak.

Does using recycled water or recycling leaking water fixes the leak? Not much it does lower the environmental impact thanks to recycling, but we still have a leak.

Our Plastic leak is mostly caused by lack of collection or cleaning in specific places (Riverbanks, River Streams, Coastal Areas) so fix this and the leak is fixed.

Should we give up material replacement, single use plastic bans and recycling efforts?

We don´t think so, we think it´s all part of a cultural change for the better and a trend for a healthier planet. What we are trying to say here is that if we focus precisely where it hurts (leaking spots) we can quickly and efficiently stop plastic leakage in Oceans. Giving our civilization more time to tackle the global plastic question and lead us towards a sustainable management of this material.

How can we fix the leak?

We are certain, that with time, waste management will improve, waste quantity may decrease, and the leak will be fixed, little by little by local governments as it corresponds. However, we think that this process will be very long. Therefore, we are proposing a mechanism for the plastic industry and waste pickers / waste collectors to work together to achieve a global temporary cleaning initiative to fix the leak. This is what the ZPO initiative is about, check it out and let us know what you think.