Waste Management is THE problem

Let´s be straight forward and simplistic with this: The main issue with plastic is not plastic, it is that plastic waste ends up in our environment.

And this is happening because humans directly throw it in the environment for one part and because waste is mismanaged for the other part. Waste mismanagement includes practices such as, illegal dumping, inadequate landfilling and mostly for what concerns us (plastic in the Oceans) lack of cleaning and collection in places where Plastic will ultimately end up in Oceans (Riverbanks, River Streams, Coastal Areas).

Solving PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT or avoiding PLASTIC WASTE MISMANAGEMENT will enable us to diminish greatly, if not eliminate further plastic discharge in our Oceans.

We know this is not easy and that all need to contribute that´s why we are part of this work. Please look at our OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC CERTIFICATION and our MODEL to see how we are proposing to enable this effort.