Launch of the “Ocean Bound Plastic Certification”, dedicated to protect the ocean

To celebrate World Oceans Day, the international certification group Control Union and the French NGO Zero Plastic Oceans are launching together the first environmental certification program dedicated to the collection and recycling of plastic waste abandoned on land near rivers or shores, (known as “Ocean Bound Plastic”).

Aligned with the 2020 World Ocean Day’s theme, this innovative label is a powerful tool to promote a sustainable ocean. It is intended for companies, NGOs, financial supporters and stakeholders committed to reduce marine pollution by acting upstream of this global issue.

The certification of participants is implemented according to a rigorous and transparent process where an independent third party carries out environmental performance and complete verification of the recycling chain (from the collection to the valorization of plastic within a product).

Discover the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification in 2 minutes:

Discover the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification Program:

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