Because Oceans are not the right place for Plastic Litter

Zero Plastic Oceans’ Ocean Bound Plastic Certifications

ZPO is a not-for-profit organization acting for the preservation of the Oceans from Plastic Pollution. On this website you will find informations and details about he first Third Party Certified set of Standards for Ocean Bound Plastic Certifications. ZPO is an independent Standard Setter, which means we are 100% neutral : we do not Audit nor take part in the collection, trade or recycling of Ocean Bound Plastic

We conceived these Certification Standards in collaboration with Control Union, a well known name in the Certification field especially in Plastic Recycling (They created the renewed GRS Standard). They are a set of tools to incentivize the collection of abandoned plastic waste in the environment before they reach our Oceans. We have our own idea on how to use them (see ZPO Initiative) but we are sure you will find other ways of using these robust and trustworthy tools.

For the moment our Standards allow for the third party certification of entities involved in the Collection, Transformation, Recycling of Ocean bound Plastic as well as final users incorporating Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic in their products.